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2021 Application Link

Students - Please use the link below to begin your application.  Once you application has been started - you will receive an email with a custom link to your application.  This will allow you to save your work and return at a later date to finish up. The application is set up for only 1 coach's recommendation.

Available Scholarships

Athletic Scholarship Information - 2021

Hello Marcellus Athletes!

Welcome to the Booster Club Athletic Scholarship Application Process!  Before we get started, on behalf of the Marcellus Sports Booster Club, we think you all are amazing student athletes and commend you for your dedication, enthusiasm and contribution to making the Marcellus CSD such a wonderful place. 

The Marcellus Sports Booster Club offers qualified athletes 10 scholarships and 7-8 Memorial Scholarships.    

The link to the application is above and contains all the instructions for both athletes and coaches within it. Both athletes and coaches will be completing this process online (paperless).  You will need a personal email address, and Internet access to complete this process successfully.

At this time, we are hoping to conduct in-person interviews, however due to the COVID situation, we may need to conduct interviews via zoom or another online tool.  Interviews will be conducted during the 1st and 2nd weeks in June.

Scholarships will be awarded at the June 17th Athletic Banquet.  Information regarding the banquet will be communicated separately. 


The Booster Club Athletic Scholarship Committee


Student: Applications link due via email to coaches for recommendation by: Sunday, May 9

Coach: Coaches submit online application/recommendation by: Friday, May 21st

* Students - please provide your coach as much time as necessary to complete the recommendation part.  

* Questions from Students & Coaches can be directed to Tim Sullivan

Address: 1 Mustang Hill, Marcellus, New York 13108


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