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MSB meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at DMS at 6:00 p.m.

Next meeting is August 21, 2017 @ 6:00 @ High School Library.

Minutes from Annual Mtg on June 12, 2017  

Marcellus Sports Booster Club Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2017

High School Learning Commons


Officers: B. Stuart, L. Blystone, S. Madden, J. McFall, C. Alexander

Board Members: K. McAuliff, C. VanOrder, L. O’Brien, J. Bristol, B. Coon

Athletic Director: absent

Team Reps: S. Madden (wrestling), C. VanOrder (boys’ lax), J. McFall (baseball), L. O’Brien (volleyball), Kate Shanahan (boys’ soccer), K. McAuliff (football), M. Ingianni (basketball)

Guests: K. Johnson, M. Molinari, Maddie Conklin, R. Durand, R. Riefler

Review of  May 8, 2017 minutes: *Motion made by L. O’Brien to approve minutes of May 8, 2017 as written, 2nd by J. McFall    APPROVED (10-0)

Treasurer’s Report:   There is currently about $9500 in funds available.

*Motion made by S. Madden to accept treasurer’s report. 2nd by C. VanOrder, APPROVED (10-0)

Kate Shanahan will reach out to the Billy Ray Cox family to determine if they want to fund a scholarship in Billy Ray’s name.

Lisa Blystone contacted Joe Cotter regarding the ‘turf field fund’.  There was no provision in the by-laws for this money. The district facilities committee is discussing replacing the turf field. Estimates exceed 1 million dollars. Mike Free stated at our last meeting that the Booster Club does not need to contribute to replacing the turf.

*Motion was made by Bill Coon to move the $2,863.00 in the turf field reserve to the general fund and eliminate that reserve fund. By-laws will be amended to eliminate the provision for a ‘stadium reserve’ fund.    2nd by L. O’Brien    APPROVED (10-0)

AD Report: Not in attendance.

Snack shack:  Corinne will contact Mike Free for continued access in the fall and also to ensure the power is not turned off as there will be items in the freezer.  Sue will contact Jeff Brown to fix the outdoor lighting before the fall season.

Annual Committees:

  • Golf Tournament - Was postponed due to lack of golfers. Motion was made by Bill Coon to cancel the tournament.  2nd by Lisa Blystone   APPROVED (10-0)

          Kim will contact Michelle Brantner to discuss displaying hole sponsor signs during fall events.

  • Scholarships are all set. Interviews were held & selections made. Process went smoothly. Decisions were difficult because there were many worthy candidates.

  • Senior Banquet - Wednesday, June 21st. 44 out of 78 senior athletes will be attending, as well as 20 coaches & administrators.

Request:  Baseball submitted a request for $2500 towards the purchase of a new batting cage and its set-up.

*Motion was made by Bill Stuart to fund this request ($2500) as presented from funds reserved from ‘Save Modified Sports’.  2nd by Bill Coon.  APPROVED (9-0)     abstained- K. McAuliff

By-Law Revision:  By-law revisions were reviewed.  * Motion was made by L.Blystone to accept the by-law revisions as written.   2nd by B.Coon.   APPROVED (10-0)

Request from Tuscarora:  A request was presented from Tuscarora Golf Club for a donation of $500 towards a monument clock. This request was denied. It is outside of the mission of the booster club. Sue will send a letter with our regrets.

Scholar Athlete:  Cathy VanOrder is requesting clarification on the recognition of scholar athletes. Some teams are acknowledging the scholar athletes at their end-of-season get-together. Some coaches have not been made aware of their players’ accomplishments. Some athletes received their pins in the cafeteria from one of the office staff. It is the position of the Booster Club that this is an important accomplishment and that the athletes/teams should be recognized for this accomplishment. Sue will follow up with a letter from the Booster Club to Mike Free (and copied to John Durkee and Michelle Branter) stating our concern.


The following officers were elected for the 2017-18 school year:

       President - Kim McAuliff

       Vice President - Corinne Alexander

       Treasurer - Rosalie Durand

       Secretary - Sue Madden

       Concession Stand Scheduler - Karen Johnson

The following Board members were elected to a 2 year term (2017-19):

       Mark Ingianni

       Kate Shanahan

       Jill Bristol

       Bill Stuart

Julie McFall was elected to complete the term of Bill Coon (2017-18)

The following Board members will complete their terms (2016-2018):

        Cathy VanOrder

Motion made by S. Madden to adjourn.  2nd B. Stuart.    APPROVED (10-0)

NEXT MEETING: MONDAY, August 21, 2017 @ 6:00

Address: 1 Mustang Hill, Marcellus, New York 13108


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